Wipe-ease (Reusable wipes - 5 pack)
Wipe-ease (Reusable wipes - 5 pack)
Wipe-ease (Reusable wipes - 5 pack)
Wipe-ease (Reusable wipes - 5 pack)

Wipe-ease (Reusable wipes - 5 pack)

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After 4 children and literally thousands of wiped bottoms, hands, faces, highchairs and basically everything else(!) we have designed and handmade our own perfect reusable wipes. With soft and gentle brushed cotton on one side and more absorbent cotton towelling on the other, these provide the best of all worlds

These 'Wipe-ease' are perfect for wiping bums as they're an easy size and shape to grab and wipe with ease, but they can be used for anything you like! 

We think the patterns make them a fun addition to the nursery/ kitchen/ bathroom too, and different patterns could be used for different jobs so you always have a wipe for every occasion! Just chuck them in the washing machine when you're done, and reuse again and again, whilst happily thinking of all the disposable wipes you are not sending to landfill.

If using for bums, just store them with your used nappies until they're ready to wash.

100% cotton. Approximately 14cm x 14cm. Pack of 5. 

We love them most for bums, but they can also be used for:

  • faces
  • weaning
  • wiping up the highchair/table
  • removing make-up
  • wash flannel
  • cleaning glasses
  • wiping mirrors (including in the car!)
  • anything else you like!

*These wipes are handmade by us, so naturally each one may look slightly different.

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