The mix-it-up starter kit
The mix-it-up starter kit
The mix-it-up starter kit

The mix-it-up starter kit

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Following suggestions from our lovely customers about what is most useful at the beginning of your reusable nappy journey we have put together some simple starter kits which include a selection of most of the things you will need to start cloth nappying.

Our mix-it-up Cloth Nappy Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 x Close Pop-in velcro nappies, each with 2 absorbent bamboo inserts
  • 1 x Close Pop-in popper nappy, with 2 absorbent bamboo inserts
  • 2 x Baba+Boo Pocket Popper nappies, each with 2 absorbent bamboo inserts
  • 1 x Small Baba+Boo wet bag -  suitable for taking wipes out & about
  • 1 x Small Close wet bag - suitable for carrying up to 5 nappies out & about
  • 5 reusable fleece nappy liners (useful after weaning)

This selection gives you the chance to try out poppers and velcro, whilst also giving all in two's a go and a pocket nappy, to work out what's best for you! 

Baba+Boo are pocket nappies which are very simple to use, reliable, absorbent, comfortable, attractive, good value, and give a good fit from approximately 10lb to potty-training and are a great starting place for anyone keen to give reusable nappies a go. 

Close Pop-in nappies are also fantastic! They come in velcro and poppers giving you the best of both worlds (and this set allows you to try each to see which you prefer), are very absorbent, easy to fit, reliable, with a variety of inserts (including night boosters) allowing adjustability of absorbency for the age and stage of your baby, and they come in loads of awesome colours and designs! 

Need somewhere to store your dirty nappies at home? Try a Baba+Boo large wetbag - perfect for hanging on a door handle where you change your baby, and great if you have limited floor space!

Have a nappy bucket/bin already? Line it with a Baba+Boo mesh bag to make it easier to transfer to the washing machine! 

You can also convert the Close nappies into night nappies with these Close Parent night boosters

Have you thought about reusable wipes? In our opinion they're better than disposables in every aspect. They wipe up better, you never run out, and they're better for the environment! Check out ours, handmade by us! 

*Nappies shown are the prints you will receive. We may be able to swap a design if there's another you prefer from our site, stock dependent. Please get in touch to find out more.