the wonder of wool 🐑

Did you know that wool is:
  • water-resistant?
  • And self-cleaning?
No? Well, nor did we! 
At least not until we embarked on our clothbum adventures and stumbled into the world of wool “soakers”, otherwise known as wraps to the uninitiated. Yes, that’s right, as well as being
  • natural,
  • sustainable,
  • durable,
  • breathable
  • and soft (amongst other good things)
...wool soakers, which look like adorable woolly shorts, can be used over fitted cloth nappies instead of plastic wraps! And, wait for it, compared with other wraps they hardly ever need to be washed!!!
Of course, you may not believe this. We didn’t either. But then we tried it and it works! In fact it works so well that we both use wool soakers every night on our own babies. Other more knowledgeable people have explained the science of how it works, and there is a teeny bit of lanolising involved (a sort of natural wax soak which is much easier and quicker than it sounds). From our perspective, whether it is science or sorcery, we are sold!
Wool beats plastic in many ways; of course it is more environmentally friendly, but it is also more natural and breathable for your baby. The HUGE benefit of hardly ever having to wash them means you need far fewer wool soakers compared with plastic wraps which have to be washed at every change. They come in pretty colours and handmade designs and if you are crafty you can even knit or crochet your own! (Here's one I made earlier :-)).
If you are interested in trying out wool but don’t believe this hype or have any questions then please get in touch. We are planning to stock wool soakers very soon but couldn’t wait to share our love and passion for them with you all! So watch this space...