💩 happens!

Nappy washing

There is a lot of information online about wash routines for nappies, and some of it can seem contradictory. Even calling it a “wash routine” implies a certain level of complexity! However, when it comes down to it, nappies are used, washed, dried and used again, just like our clothes. And as with washing your own clothes you will find a system that works best for you, regardless of what anyone else does or says. Having said that, following some simple rules will ensure no “stinks or stains” and keep your nappies in good condition.

    Reusable wipes

    You don't need any fancy oils or storage, just use wipes damp like a flannel and chuck in the wash. 

    • If using as bottom wipes, but not with reusable nappies, store used wipes in a separate container before adding to a hot wash - tupperware is fine.
    • If using with reusable nappies, just chuck them in your bag/bucket with the used nappies and wash with them.

    💩 happens

    Did you know that solids from disposable nappies are meant to be flushed down the toilet? So, if you’re reading this there is no way back now! 

    • Before weaning - poo is water soluble so it can go in the washing machine in the nappy. Easy peasy.
    • After weaning - poos should be plopped into the toilet. Liners can help with this. Washable liners (usually made from fleece) are better for the environment than disposable liners and cheaper in the long run. 


    Although everyone will find a routine that works for them and their nappies, we can share a few additional tips that have worked for us...

    • Fill your washing machine at least ¾ full for the long wash (other small items can be added).
    • Washing powder works better than liquid. 
    • For the long wash use the recommended amount of washing powder for “heavily soiled” items (this can be found on the box). 
    • You can add an extra rinse cycle to ensure the detergent is fully removed. 
    • Pre-washed nappies can be stored wet in an airy basket until you have enough for a full wash.
    • Use reusable wipes with your reusable nappies and wash with the nappies.
    • Some nappies can be tumble dried - check the care labels or use a cool drying cycle.
    • Check the wash care instructions for each brand of nappies you use if you want to remain within the warranty.

    And that’s it!