our story


We are Ann & Debs, sisters-in-law living in Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex.

Our story - the short version...

We watched Blue Planet II, wanted to STOP using single-use plastics and disposable nappies, were scared to try reusable nappies, tried reusable nappies, LOVED reusable nappies, now want to tell everyone about reusable nappies!  


Our story - the longer version...

Like many people we have recently become much more aware of our impact on the environment. It is easy to become overwhelmed with climate change anxiety, and hard to know how to make a difference but we felt we had to start somewhere and began to make small changes in our own lives, for example trying to use fewer single-use plastics in our homes. We’re not perfect at it, not even close in fact, but we’re trying our best and learning all of the time.

When our second babies came along in early 2020, reusable (cloth) nappies were something we wanted to try for the sake of the environment. We had both used disposable nappies and wipes with our first children and worried that cloth nappies would be less convenient, and also a bit disgusting! How wrong we were… 

Some of the many benefits have included:

  • less nappy rashes
  • no smelly nappy bins in the house, or filling up our household waste bins
  • no last minute dashes to the shops for nappies and wipes
  • cheaper weekly shops
  • plus they are better for the environment

What’s not to like?!

In fact, we have been so surprised and pleased by the benefits of cloth nappies over disposables that we wanted to raise awareness of them to others, and so ‘be the change’ was born. It's been a fun juggling act so far, as you can see...


For us the main obstacle to using cloth nappies was feeling overwhelmed by all of the information and confused about how to get it "right". Even when we bought some reusable nappies we were both too scared to try them initially, and needed moral support from each other to have a go for the first time. Now we've made the change we see how easy it can be, but having had this experience ourselves we want to simplify cloth nappy use for others, to make it less daunting and more enjoyable. Here's how...

  • our shop is one way of supporting people,
  • we will recommend trying your local nappy library, which is a great opportunity to try out a wide range of reusable nappies before making any significant financial investment. 
  • we are keen for people to make the change regardless of where the nappies come from - in fact we are strongly in favour of buying "preloved" nappies with all of the environmental benefits that this brings.
  • We want to ensure that anyone thinking about using cloth has support and information and feels confident to make the change. 

So, if you’re thinking about using cloth nappies, but feel a bit overwhelmed or unsure, we’d love to have a chat! Head over to our get in touch page to contact us. 

We want our world to be a better, cleaner place for our children, and their children. We believe that every one of us can make a difference. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”