how to...🚼

How to... find the right nappies:

  • Try before you buy! Find a local cloth nappy library. You can find your nearest nappy library over on the UK Nappy Network's website. 
  • Buy "preloved" nappies to try different brands and styles cheaply before committing to one - there are lots of preloved nappy selling sites on Facebook.
  • Facebook also has some great reusable nappy support groups, where you can get advice on fit, washing etc. 
  • Find a local supplier for advice. We will give as much no obligation advice as you need, and give demonstrations where possible; we really do want to help!
  • We can also signpost you to other local suppliers who will give advice/demonstrations and who offer different nappy brands to us, to help you find the right thing for you. Juliet at The Washable Nappy Company, based in Hastings, offers a wealth of knowledge and friendly advice about cloth nappies, and started us both on our cloth nappy journeys. 
  • Some local councils run incentive schemes to support people to make the change to reusable nappies offering vouchers or cashback for purchasing nappies. Have a search to see if there's one available in your area! ( We are currently in touch with our own local council (Rother) to ask them to introduce an incentive scheme.

How to... wash cloth...

...head to our 💩 happens! page. 

How to... use wool wraps... find out more about how amazing wool is, how it can lead to less washing, and less leaks, then head to our the wonder of wool page! 

How to... convince others...

...head to our being the change page. 

How to... get advice...

...if you're looking for some advice, help, or guidance with reusables, but you can't find it on these pages, then check out our Facebook and Instagram, DM us, or email us!