being the change

Here are a few stats in case you or your partner/ nursery/ MIL need convincing to be the change...

Why reusable nappies? 

  • Currently in the UK about 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away each day!* One baby will use approximately 2500 disposable nappies in their first year alone.
  • It takes a disposable nappy up to 500 years to biodegrade - every disposable nappy ever made still exists in landfill somewhere unless it has been incinerated adding to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • No more stinky nappies filling up your waste bin.
  • Most reusable nappies are made from natural, soft and absorbent materials, which are kinder on your baby's skin. 
  • Using reusable nappies and wipes is cheaper than disposables over the course of your child's first few years! They can be used for subsequent babies, saving you more money, and you can even resell them after use and make some money back.
  • They look great! There are so many prints and designs to choose from. 

Why reusable wipes?

  • More environmentally friendly compared with disposable wipes. 11,000,000,000 disposable wipes are used each year in the UK. They contain plastics and take up to 100 years to biodegrade in landfill. Even wipes labelled as "flushable" have been found to block up sewers contributing to giant fatbergs in UK sewers.
  • Reusable wipes are cheaper in the long run, and save those last-minute dashes to the shops when you run out of disposables!
  • They're more space-efficient than bulk bought boxes of disposable wipes.
  • They also make great face/hand wipes for cleaning up kids after meal times, you only need one wipe and a tap, and you're away.
  • They're multipurpose so you can even use them as make-up wipes, flannels, or for general household cleaning! 
  • If you're not too bad at sewing, you can make your own out of old clothes, sheets or towels for free!

    How we're being the change...

    • We source as much as we can from independent, small UK businesses, and try to ensure these businesses share our values.
    • Environmentally friendly packaging - even the tape, will be made from recycled paper/card where possible, and will be compostable or recyclable/reusable. 
    • Mindful travel - we aim to make minimal journeys to the post office and hand deliver locally once a week to reduce unnecessary travel.
    • Our handmade clothes are made from high quality 100% organic cotton and are designed to grow with your child ensuring durability and longer wear.
    • Our handmade reusable wipes are 100% cotton, and therefore are biodegradable and home compostable, although that shouldn’t be necessary as they should last you a long, long time!  
    • We connect with small local businesses, so that we can support each other.
    • We want to support you with any purchases you make, to help you with your change. Sometimes it's hard to rake through all of the conflicting information on the internet to find what you're looking for, so we’d love to help you! Whether it’s understanding the different nappy types, your washing routine or getting the nappy fit right, we’re happy to help! Check out our 💩 happens! and how to...🚼
      pages for some tips, or contact us via our get in touch page. 

    We want to ensure that we provide you with high quality, natural products.

    If you have any suggestions for us or queries, please let us know!